Press Release

iConcierge is a business unit of LadDurian Group Ltd focused on aiding companies and individuals optimize the time, cost and quality management of various aspects of their businesses and lifestyles.  We utilize our skills, expertise and effective workmanship in efficiently proffering optimal solutions for activities and functions that clients don't have the time, contacts or expertise to self-execute. Whatever the level of complexity or scope of task, iConcierge provides creative solutions for individual and business needs. We guarantee our ability to aid clients in efficiently executing their elective tasks/functions so they can effectively focus their attention on their core interests.
Corporate Services:  Based on our specialized knowledge, best practices, and technology, we offer a range of consolidated enterprise- wide needed support services offerable to large corporations, medium, small and emerging businesses. We work with our corporate clients directly to provide support required to cater for their elective businesses so they can be freed up to focus on their core businesses and gain competitive advantage. Our various support services ranges from Professional Consulting/Advisory Services, Setup (and related strategies), Administrative Support, Travel and Logistics Support, Event Management and Entertainment Support, to mention a few. Our resources include access to specialists in Private Investigation, Law, Medicine, and Property. The portfolios available are: 
  • Mahogany Portfolio
  • Ebony Portfolio
  • Oak Portfolio
  • Walnut Portfolio

Retail Services:  We provide consumer offerings that are specifically directed towards assisting our retail clients in making cost effective and efficient use of the time and resources available to them. We work on behalf of our retail clients, performing their personal tasks or functions at a high standard, and in a cost-effective and timely manner. We assure our individual clients high quality, personalized service responding to their needs, including Fashion Styling, House Hunting, Event Planning, Stock Management, Courier Services, Household Grocery Shopping, Commercial & Charter Flights Arrangements, Car Rental, Private Chauffeur and a variety of other services and custom solutions.
For our celebrity clients, we offer Celebrity Business Representation, Image Consulting, and Stock Management alongside other Public Relations & Financial Management Services.Our clients can be sure of our quality of service, competitive pricing and 100 percent availability.  Packages under this service are: 
  • Diamond Package (For Celebrities)
  • Platinum Package
  • Gold Package
  • Silver Package

Posted on 2013-04-27 | Source: iConcierge Hub - PR Unit