iConcierge Launches in Lagos

“Time is of the essence,” is a quote often said. In today’s hyper-paced society, it often seems that there are not enough hours in the day, as individuals struggle to effectively juggle work and personal tasks that keep coming on a daily basis. And organizations strive to stay on top, churning out strategies to increase market share and gain competitive advantage. There’s a solution for all that now- iConcierge.


iConcierge, a business and lifestyle management service officially opened for business in April, aims to save time and cost for her clients. And simultaneously aid them to optimize productivity and output. Laju Ikomi, Director of Operation says: “We provide the best-in-class business and lifestyle support services, utilizing our skills to effectively proffer optimal solutionsto our clients to enhance productivity and save money. We guarantee our ability to aid clients in efficiently executing their elective tasks/functions so they can effectively focus their attention on their core interests”


For corporate bodies, utilizing the iConcierge service will not only increase productivity and revenue, but also allow the staff more free time and creating a better work atmosphere. Hereby boosting employee retention & loyalty. These services are aimed at keeping the employees focused on their core competencies and making them more productive thereby enhancing the overall performance of the organization. Also can serve as a value-add for the clients- ensuring their loyalty and affirming the organization as a pro-customer brand. 


How do this work? iConcierge handles various organizational and personal needs, from running the simplest errands to satisfying complex, time-consuming requests. Organizational – administrative support, professional/business support, events and travel services, client entertainment, etc. Personal needs include – Apartment/ House Hunting, Visa, Passport, Drivers’ License Processing/ Renewal, airport pickup and drop off, hotel reservations, laundry pickup, courier service, household & car repairs, and even grocery shopping!The extensive list of services is available on www.iconcierghub.com.


Asking yourself how one company can achieve all these? According to the Marketing Manager, Funmi Omoike “iConcierge has an unrivalled network of partners and suppliers: thus we can invite our clients into a world where there are no limits to the service provided and where exceptional quality goes hand-in-hand with personalised, made-to-measure service.”


Thoughtfully distributed into packages that address different needs for corporate bodies and individuals, broadly called Corporate and Retail Services. Funmi Omoike explains, “The first step is determining which portfolio or package suits the situation and client. Together with the client we choose the package that answers all the needs and is most cost effective.” She further adds,” Our services do not only answer for the basic corporate and personal needs but also sporting activities, rental of yachts and helicopters, relocation, vacation planning, etc. Other possibilities might include a champagne picnic and a tour of the city’s hotspots, securing tickets to the FIFA World Cup in Brazil next year including hotel reservations, flights and ground transportation”.


Have you fantasized about all you could accomplish - if you had a personal assistant or helper? Someone to do the things you don't have the time, contacts or expertise to self-execute?  Let iConcierge be that personal assistant or helper that you have dreamed about having.


All services are available in the Lagos area. For inquiries, please visit contact Funmi Omoike at fomoike@laddurian.comor call +234 1 277 8914, 817 460 2028.

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