Standalone Services

We realize that while our packages have been carefully designed to meet the varying needs of our retail clients, there are certain specialized functions that are required on a need to have basis. Also, there are services in our retail packages that haveutilization constrain and may be required as a call-out service. Thus, the Standalone Services have been designed to house such specialized or call-out services.
  •   Acquiring Tickets for Events Worldwide (Broadway, Ballets, etc.)
  •   Acquiring Tickets for Major Sporting Events
  •   Private Jet, Helicopter, Yacht & Car Bookings
  •   Executive Bus on Designated Lagos Routes
  •   Relocation & Moving Services
  •   Event Planning (For 50 People and Above)
  •   Private Security Arrangements
  •   Passport Processing
  •   Additional Visa Processing
  •   Dog Walking & Pet Sitting
  •   Locating & Acquiring Sought-after Collectibles & Antiques
  •   Rare Auto
  •   Books
  •   Art & Jewelry
  •   Online Chef
  •   House- sitting, Wait Service


 Note: All packages are exclusive of services requiring mobility outside Lagos. Such services would need to be requested on a call-out basis.