Silver Package

This has been designed to suit the needs of individuals who find it challenging to accomplish personal tasks mainly due to cost contains. They would find that iConcierge becomes the most cost-effective way of accomplishing their required tasks.

 Personal Services

  •  Appointment Scheduling & Reminder Service
  •  Gift Shopping & Delivery (Packaging Inclusive)
  •  Item Returns (Where Applicable)
  •  Flowers Ordering & Delivery
  •  Pre—ordering Tech Gadgets
  •  Pre- ordering Clothes
  •  Bank Errands - 2 per Month
  •  Courier Service - 2 per Month within Lagos
  •  Car (Estimate, Maintenance & Repair) -1 per Month
  •  Dry Cleaning Pick Up & Drop Off - 2 per Month
  •  Arranging Personal Training, Gym Memberships
  •  Submission & Follow-Up of Application to Learning Institutions


 Travel Services

  •  Flight Bookings, Ticket Purchase
  •  Airport Taxi or Car Hire Booking


 Residential Services

  •  Apartment/ House Hunting - 1 per Year 
  •  Household Maintenance & Repair Estimates- 1 per Month 
  •  Household Grocery Shopping - 2 per Month


 Note: All packages are exclusive of services requiring mobility outside Lagos. Such services would need to be requested on a call-out basis.