Standalone Services

We recognize that while we have carefully designed our portfolios to suit the varying needs of our corporate clients, certain circumstances or situations may require the additional services and/or customized packages. There are also specialized functions that are on a need to have basis requiring specialized skills and resources to achieve for either enterprise businesses or existing businesses. Thus the Standalone Services makes provisions for such requirements.


 Call Center Services      
 Social Media Management                   
 Security Arrangements
 Private Jet, Helicopter, Yacht Charter Bookings                         
 Passport Processing  
 Visa Processing               
 Business Advisory
 Corporate Relocation & Moving Services
 Event Planning- Over 30 Persons       
 Acquiring Tickets for Events Worldwide                     
 Staff Training
 Online Chef Service for Senior Executives
 Car Leasing/ Rental
 City Tour & Orientation for Incoming Staff & Family    
 Airport Services
 Meet & Greet for Visiting Clients & Staff- 20 per Month & Airport Shuttle