Ebony Portfolio

This has been tailored to suit start up and emerging companies that are in the phase of development and research for markets. Such companies would require all forms of administrative and organizational support, business and professional advisory services in order to achieve the objectives of their business models.
  • Corporate Registration & Related Requirements
  • Procurement of Licenses & Permits
  • Human Resourcing (Up to 10 Persons, Within 3 Months)
  • Marketing Strategy Advisory
  • Operations Requirements – Set Up of Office & Amenities Sourcing
  • Securing Services like Janitorial, IT, Legal & Financial Support
  • Desktop Publishing, Personalized Stationary, Business Cards, etc.
  • Webpage Design
  • Copyright, Trademark & Patenting Registration & Related Requirements
  • Sourcing of Suppliers
  • Corporate Branding
  • Short Term Mobility Requirements
  • Setting Up Medical Insurance Scheme for Employees


Further customization can be made to cater for specific needs