Mahogany Portfolio

This portfolio has been specifically designed for well established companies that have established their market position while consistently producing steady growth for their all-important shareholders. Such companies would require the active implementation of Lean Six Sigma in order to maintain industrial lead, manage cost, gain competitive advantage and grow steadily. Companies can efficiently focus on their key business areas by the elimination of waste in 7 key areas – Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Waiting, Over-production, Over-processing and Defects.
 Administrative & Communication Services
 24 Hours Call Center Service                                     
 Interpreters & Translators
 Database Management                                              
 Information Research        
 Presentations (Messaging)
 Meeting Recorder & Assistant
 Setting Up Membership to Clubs, Gyms & Spas
 Procurement of Office Supplies (Purchase, Rental or Lease)
 Logistics and Travel Services
 Courier Services
 Bank Errands- 2 per Week
 Corporate Homes & Guest Houses (Short & Long Term)
 Corporate Gift Suggestion & Purchase
 Arrange Business Travel: Flights, Accomodations, Short Term Car Rental- 20 per Month
 Entertainment Services
 Event Planning- 30 Persons Max
  Restaurant Reservations
  Reservation & Purchase of Event Tickets
  Client Entertainment- 30 Persons Max
 Special Services
  Interior Décor
  Personal Investigation