Retail Services

iConcierge retail services help individuals save both time and money through lifestyle management packages suited to a variety of needs. Each retail package offers excellent service at a reasonable cost. They assist those who are struggling to meet the demands of today's busy lifestyles, and we have packages to suit all social stratas. 
Our retail services not only as part of our four main packages, but also as standalone services for those who just need assistance from time to time. A bespoke package can also be tailored to meet your own personal requirements. 

Diamond Package

The Diamond Package is tailored for famous individuals and celebrities who are at the forefront of the mark...

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Gold Package

This package has been specifically prepared to favor professional and business owners who have strict and non-flexible wor...

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Silver Package

This has been designed to suit the needs of individuals who find it challenging to accomplish personal tasks mainly due to cost cont...

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Standalone Services

We realize that while our packages have been carefully designed to ...

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Platinum Package

For individuals requiring personalized retail services tailored to their official...

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