Q:           What is a concierge service?
A:            A concierge service is a service designed to assist busy individuals by managing their personal and professional tasks.

Q:           Why hire a concierge company?
A:            Many people feel that there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything done right. A concierge company can take up your important tasks, thereby giving you more time to concentrate on your core activities.

Q:           How does it work?
A:            Call us on +234 1 277 8915 and subscribe to a package. Then you can contact your Relationship Manager when you need a service done for you

Q:           I have a Personal Assistant, why do I need you?
A:            We put in our expertise and experience in handling all your tasks which your personal assistant might not have.

Q:           Why should I pay someone to do things I can do myself?
A:            We place high emphasis on time saving for our clients thereby enhancing your productivity. When comparing our rates to the cost of your time, the money you save in sourcing best rates for services, or the stress of not being able to accomplish your daily tasks, you will see that iConcierge is surprisingly valuable to you.

Q:           Who are your services aimed at?
A:            Our services are aimed at corporate bodies and private individuals in the private, public and
social sector.  We cater to people who live busy lives, recently returned to Lagos, Nigeria or just don’t have the time to perform the tasks by themselves.

Q:           How do you charge for your services?
A:            We charge monthly based on the package or portfolio you subscribe to and on a call-out basis.

Q:           How much do your services cost?
A:            We offer a wide range of services which are tailored to fit every clients’ needs.

Q:           What exactly do you offer your members?
A:            We offer business and lifestyle management support services to our clients. We help them with things that they do not have the time, inclination or expertise to do for them

Q:           What type of packages do you offer?
A:            We offer Retail and Corporate services on a monthly basis as well as standalone services. We can also customize special packages or portfolios to suit a particular client based on his/her needs.

Q:           Are there any services you don’t offer?
A:            Yes, there are services we do not offer for particular reasons e.g. illegal or security reasons

Q:           What are your service hours?
A:            We are available from 7am to 7pm

Q:           Can I call for a service at any time of the day?
A:            Yes you can

Q:           Does iConcierge have a minimum notice period?
A:            Yes we do. This is mainly because of the technicalities/logistics involved in some of our service functions.

Q:           Do you provide all the services yourselves?
A:            We provide some of our services ourselves and we also collaborate with our partners to provide other services with the aim of satisfying our clients at all times.

Q:           Can I afford a concierge service?
A:            Yes, our services are affordable and specially designed to give you cost advantage

Q:           What is the service coverage?
A:            Currently. we operate within Lagos State but we look to operate in other cities across Nigeria.

Q:           Can I transfer my subscription to someone else?
A:            Subscription is usable only by our immediate client, not transferrable

Q:           Who is liable for loss or damage of clients’ property?
A:            We are liable for any damage that occurs when the clients’ property is in our care

Q:           If I don’t use up my services in a month can I carry it over to the next month?
A:            No, all of our service packages subscribed to have a 30day expiry period

Q:           Will my personal information be made available to third parties?
A:            No! iConcierge prides itself highly in Confidentiality amongst other thing