Corporate Services

Our corporate packages offer support services, management services and consulting tools to SMEs as well as larger businesses, in order to help them achieve optimum performance. Our four main packages have been designed to meet the vital requirements frequently requested by our clients, meeting the demands and challenges of planning, organizing, directing and coordinating complex business structures and tedious administrative requirements. A bespoke package can though be tailored to your specific business' needs. 

Whichever option you feel would suit your business best, iConcierge guarantees that its services will be delivered with the utmost professionalism and in a timely manner. iConcierge is also committed to offering value for money, every time. 

Mahogany Portfolio

This portfolio has been specifically designed for well established companies that have established their market position while consistently producing steady growth for their all-important shar...

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Oak Portfolio

This portfolio has been created to meet the needs of organizations (new business or well established businesses) that desire to pay for only the services t...

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Walnut Portfolio

This portfolio has been designed to cater for the needs of the staff members of our corporate clients. For startups and well established companies that desire to be seen as staff-oriented comp...

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Ebony Portfolio

This has been tailored to suit start up and emerging companies that are in the phase of development and research for markets. Such companies would require all forms...

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Standalone Services

We recognize that while we have carefully designed our portfolios to suit the varying needs of our corporate clients, certain circumstances or situations may require the additional serv...

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